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Past Life Regression-Wantagh New York

Past Life Regression

Trained and Certified by DR. Brian Weiss, M.D. & The Weiss Institute  

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a powerful healing modality that helps to resolve present day issues through remembering and re-experiencing previous lifetimes.  Past Life work offers unique opportunities to live more fully in the present as you understand patterns and problems that may be rooted in earlier lifetimes.  This work uses hypnotic techniques along with deep relaxation and may also be a profoundly powerful vehicle for reconnecting with our love ones who have left the physical world; but remain present within the realm of Spirit.  It is possible that some individuals experience immediate recall; however, it may be more helpful for a series of sessions to experience optimum benefits at all levels.  While everyone’s experience is unique, it is common for people to feel and realize the eternal, loving energy of the Universe and to understand the continuity of significant relationships throughout lifetimes.

UpComing workshop:



With Reverend Diane Monks, CH, LMSW

 Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD & the Weiss Institute


Wed.,  August 16, 2017

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

$40.00 per person

Space is limited/ Old Bethpage Location

Pre-registration required:  516 567 2289 or

Directions and additional info will be provided upon registering


Past Life Regression Therapy is a unique and powerful healing modality that uses hypnosis techniques in the form of deep meditation and relaxation experiences to access information and experiences from previous lifetimes.  This approach has been shown to help individuals heal current life issues as they revisit earlier experiences in their soul’s journey.   While individual experiences vary; past life experiences typically reflect the deep and eternal nature of life, the significance of important relationships, and, at times, offers insight into patterns and issues that have been difficult to overcome.  This workshop will offer a discussion on the nature of past lives and a group regression experience for healing and understanding.

Diane & Dr. Brian Weiss

Diane & Dr. Brian Weiss